About us

A desire to carry out his own ideas a desire to cultivate a minimalistic expression, a desire to participate in all the processes, from basic idea to writing and to the staging of the plays.
Thus inflamed Peter Seligmann created teater2tusind with the specific aim to minimize bureaucracy and concentrate on the matter at hand: The acting and the theatre’s meeting with the audience.
The theatre is organized as a society with a board, which among other things tries to prevent Peter Seligmann from carrying out all his ideas at once.
The board consists of: Jørgen Carlslund, Biba Schwoon and Preben Friis, who is the chairman.


teater2tusind is, and must be – a small theatre.

Theatre thoughts

Theatre must move us and set us in motion.
Excite us and make us curious. Curious on ourselves and the world around us.
The stories we tell must be important. Life-and-death. Go deep. This is why we play for a small audience. All children must feel that they are an integral part of the story. Like adults children have a need to be entertained, to laugh, cry and empathise with the people standing on the stage in front of them But children have different experiences than adults. We must take that into consideration, when we tell them our stories. teater2tusind tries to cultivate an expression, which through musicality and simple set designs, focuson the acting and the contact with the audience. teater2tusind has, since the turn of millennium, been supported by the Danish Art Council.