The dark rests under the bed

Goodnight, goodnight, my darling, sleep tight
The wind has settled in the willow
The light has hidden in the pitch-dark night
The sleep has settled on the pillow

Come, come, settle down close to me
The kiss has settled on the forehead
The socks have settled separately
´Cause the other one smells so horrid

Mum and Dad go on a surprise visit at their son’s. However, he has no time for natter and fussy cakes, so straight to bed it is. Goodnight and sleep tight.
But how can anybody sleep tight when the body is itching and tingling from anticipation? When you’re hungry as a wolf or dying from thirst, when it’s too hot or cold or too bright or too dark?
There is no mercy: Goodnight! On the spot!

  • CAST Peter Seligmann, Bodil Alling, Søren Søndberg og Søren la Cour
  • CREATED BY Teatret Gruppe 38 og teater2tusind
  • DIRECTOR Catherine Poher
  • MUSIC Søren Søndberg
  • TECHNIC Søren la Cour
  • COSTUMES Betina Møller
  • FILM Joakim Eggert
  • AGE GROUP min. 4 years
  • LENGHT 35 minutes
  • AUDITORIUM W8 x D7 x H4
  • BLACKOUT necessary (black box)
  • FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please contact
    Teatret Gruppe 38 or Tel.: +45 86 135 311


* * * * *
It is this exquisite sense of detail that makes this performance shine…Alling and Seligmann are both ‘understaters’. They love to stretch a point as far as possible. They are mini-mimics, but at the same time they are maxi-performers, who cannot be switched off.


Århus Stiftstidende

* * * * *
We feel in our stomachs that joy, which appears when you lie in the bedtime darkness and are overcome with the desire to invent, snuggling together and holding all life’s possibilities in your hand.

Season 2015-2016

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The dark rests under the bed

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